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Today no company can afford to hire employees without accurate pre employment verification.

Recent studies are sobering. Nearly 1/3 of new hires will steal from you. Over 40% of job candidates provide false information on their resumes and applications. Theft, violence, absenteeism, drug abuse, high turnover, low productivity, false injury claims, insurance issues and lawsuits are common in the modern workplace and have serious impacts on corporate performance. In fact, companies lose 1-2% of net profit each year because of dishonest employees. It all adds up to billions of dollars wasted every year.

So why take a chance? For just a few dollars, you can be certain that your candidates are who they say they are. Employment screening services with RSI Screening provides comprehensive background checks that take the gamble out of hiring good employees.

Comprehensive employment screening Reports

  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal History
  • I-9 Verification
  • Driving Records
  • Employment & Credential Verification
  • Sex Offender Checks
  • Workers Compensation Filings
  • Custom Reports  & Options Available

What’s the Advantage to You?

When you use RSI you’ll have a better chance of hiring safe, competent, honest employees who are critical to your success. You’ll also reduce training costs, limit your liability, increase productivity and optimize profitability. In short, RSI Screening is your best insurance that you hire with assurance.